65+ Marvelous Glass Architecture Desin Ideas for Business Office

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Currently, a kind of ultra-modern architecture design is highly demanded particularly for public places like offices, malls, shopping centers, and others. Despite looking chic and futuristic, this idea tends to give some more benefits. It is that the interior of the building tends to look larger and more spacious. There is a key point that causes this good effect; it is the application of glass.

Glass is known as an invisible partition that separate one room to another. It is also installed on the edge of a building to replace permanent brick walls. This is how the room looks larger anyway, because of the infinity effect from the glass. Sure, for business offices, it is such a good idea. The glass architecture basically can be placed anywhere whether it is as the wall, doors, and even floor.

But of course, applying glass architecture only is not enough. The business office still needs other elements to make it built properly as well as look more beautiful. To work together with the glass, materials like wood are needed. This classic material can look modern when it is designed in a minimalist way without too many details or accents.

The same thing can also be conducted on the wall. Rather than putting too many decorations, the wall itself can be garnished in such a way to represent modernity. For example, they are geometric accents and clean lines. The office rooms can look livelier with good lighting, whether it is natural or not.

Natural lighting comes from sunshine anyway; it must work well with the glass application. But at night, the illumination from LED lighting and lamps is needed. Interestingly, you don’t need to install too many lamps since the glass application has been helpful enough to make the atmosphere brighter. Make sure that office furniture and stuff used inside have the same concept with the general architecture design.

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Janice Silva