47+ Easy But Beautiful Front Yard Landscaping Ideas

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Having remaining land beyond the main house is interesting. Yes, even if the land is probably not really big, there is a chance to have a garden outside. To realize this idea, front yard landscaping is an essential point anyway. Some main components of DIY landscape for a front yard garden are recommended for you. What are they?

The first idea is planting trees or bushes in brown on the sides of the path to enter your house. This type of front yard landscaping ideas is good to show that your house is welcoming for anyone who visits. Are you just bored with the nuance of green on the path area? Sure, you can plant some flowers with striking colors like red, orange, or yellow. This way, the garden area will look less monotonous.

Second, it is about the gravel application. Yes, it is good if you can plant plants and grass on the entire garden. But it takes time. Meanwhile, the remaining soil area is sometimes not really good to see. The solution is by putting gravel on those empty areas. This idea is also recommended mainly if your garden has been dominated by the green color.

Third, your front yard garden seems not complete without the presence of a small pond. The pond can be formed by digging the soil and then cementing it. Make sure to arrange the water circulation well so that you should not clean it too often. Around the pond, you can add more plants. Ornaments like a waterfall or fountain can just make the atmosphere in your garden more refreshing.

Lastly, it is much better if a set of furniture is placed in the garden. To protect it from rain or sunshine, you can build a small gondola right above it. This way, you can just relax and take a rest in the front yard while watching greens and flowers blooming.

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Janice Silva