45+ Top Dresser Design Ideas for Your Wife

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Women are inseparable from the activities of dressing and reflecting, so it is no wonder that they want to have good dresser design ideas. Also, it is pleasing to the eye because it has a new impression, which also helps the room’s layout to function.

The choice, now there are various attractive dresser frame patterns. You can adjust it to your room’s style—for example, modern, classic, rustic, and vintage styles. If you want a contemporary style, use a golden color usually made of iron or aluminum.

Meanwhile, to give the impression of classic and rustic, you can make a mirror frame with a dressing table from real wood with a shiny brown color that still looks luxurious and elegant.
You should also consider some parts of the branch of the cabinet. For example, having a framework of space that is not so broad, don’t make the dressing table too big to make your room look cramped.

Thus it will seem more broadly making it easier for us to move and move in bed. It would help if you also considered where to put the dressing table so that its function can work well, not get hit when you pass it.

The combination of a dressing table and a storage cabinet with an elongated shape, a luxurious look. Suitable for you who have a bed with a large room. Well, white makes your room look alive and bright. Combined with a curved makeup mirror with a wooden frame will make it look more elegant and modern.

Also, don’t forget to add a little touch of flowers to make it look more beautiful and attractive so your wife will be happier looking in the mirror.

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Janice Silva