45+ Admirable Apartment Living Room Decoration Ideas

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Living in an apartment might be the best option for most people, compared to living in a full-scale home. That is because the apartment provides us a lot of benefits such as being close to all the necessities of life, public transportation, stores/market, etc.

The most important thing is living in an apartment gave us the flexibility to move out whenever we want. Therefore, apartments usually come in a smaller size than houses do. That condition leaves a challenging yet fun decorating activity because once you decorate it, you will have a total brand new appearance, especially if you are working with the living room. So, here are few apartment living room ideas to level up your decorating game!

The first apartment living room ideas is to place a mirror in the middle of the room. Mirror will make a space illusion and make your room feel a little bit larger. Then, if you want to make your room not so dull anymore with the plain wall or blank space, this apartment living room ideas absolutely will help you to achieve that! Get some wall art that suits your personality and place wherever you like so that your guest will be pleased with the new look.

Move to the next apartment living room ideas for your small size room, bright colors rug! Just like the mirror, it will help you to get an ‘extra space feeling’ too! Placing rug also helps you to maintain your floor because the rug protects them from wear and tear.

Last but not least, get your couches some company, like a curated collection of throw pillows! It will make your apartment look pleasant and more comfortable. But you have to be careful while choosing the color schemes! The easiest way is: strict to your accent color room. Those are a few apartment living room ideas for your small living room. We hope you get a nice and cozy decorating room after doing all of those tips!

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Janice Silva