40+ Rural Attic Bedroom Decor Ideas For Cottage

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Spending spare time in a cottage is really fascinating. Moreover, it is when the cottage is surrounded by scenic landscapes whether they refer to coastal or mountainous areas. But enjoying the landscape outside is not enough. You should also feel comfortable when being inside mainly in the bedroom. One of the bedroom decor ideas you can follow are those placed in the attic. You can bring a certain concept that is in line with the cottage as well as the environment around. Well, rural can be a great idea anyway.

The application of wood as the main element is a great choice. Wooden layers on wall and floor tend to make the room’s atmosphere warmer. Choose calming colors whether they are pastels or bold. White is a good color for this idea but if you want to maintain the original colors of wood like brown or rustic, it sounds greater.

Something you should not forget about the furniture choice and arrangement. Wooden furniture can be chosen but you can also other ideas. For example, they are the kinds of vintage furniture made from iron or brass materials. This bedroom decor idea simply makes the bedroom look classic and more luxurious. It is better not to put too many furniture items and decorations inside. Moreover, it is if the cottage bedroom is not too big.

More importantly of bedroom decor ideas is there should be windows to ease you more in enjoying the scenery outside. You can cover it with a large curtain with the same design and idea as your bedcover or cushions. Prepare one or two chairs as the sweetener of the room. Place it near the window where you can sit down more interestingly while reading a book. To make the cottage more enjoyable in the winter, a fireplace in the attic bedroom is necessary to add.

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Janice Silva