40 Beautiful Navy Blue and White Living Room Ideas

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The living room is the most crucial in the house. It’s a place where we welcome our relatives, whether close relatives like family and a close friend or the formal one like business partners. As a place that the guest first visited, we need to pay much attention to the design to impress and make a statement.

There are many ideas to create a beautiful living room design. From many choices, a blue and white living room can be the perfect combination. Blue is a color that provides peace, calm, and sophistication. It also symbolizes creativity, trust, loyalty, and intelligence. White is the color widely known as a neutral color that can combine with all the color palettes. It provides a simple, clean, and neat feel to your room.

Let start with wallpaper choosing. Wallpaper is an item to make a statement in your living room. Pick a blue and white wallpaper with a classical tapestry pattern that gives magic and soothing feel. If you didn’t like pattern walls, you can paint the wall with blue paint and add a white touch from the curtain or the sofa.

Adding a dark sofa against the white stone wall can create a warm and inviting space to provide a cozy feeling. The other option to create a blue and white living room is to combine a dark maritime blue wall with plain white ceilings and windows dressing to balance things out, so the looks didn’t look gloomy.

Fans of a pattern item? Choose a simple pattern rug with a combination of navy and white for your living room. Keep the wall and floor with a neutral color to create a formal look. Don’t worry about combining two motifs. The neutral will balance things out, so rather than give a crashing feel, the different themes will harmoniously make your living more attractive.

The unbalancing combination. When you work on combining two colors, you didn’t need to make everything have a small portion. For example, you can add furry pillows on the large sofa, or a white frame paint against the blue walls. Are you ready to create your blue and white living room?

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Janice Silva