35+ Simple Farmhouse Style Bathroom Sink Ideas

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Bathroom sink not only used as a tool to wash your hands but also one element to completing the decor of your bathroom. Farmhouse style bathroom sink has a lot of benefits. Their design comes with an elegant and stylish sense that gives an upscale bathroom vibe. On the other side, the rustic design brings out the peace and relaxation we need after a long day.

You don’t need to live in the farmhouse or have farm-house house design to have this elegant style. Although initially made from fireclays, nowadays, this bathroom sink available in many colors, configurations, and materials to fit with your bathroom design. Far Farmhouse sink comes with a more extensive and deeper basin. It’s easier to wash your face and brush your teets. The pan will be the focal statement design in your spacious bathroom.

The larger basin surely has its advantages, but on the other side, it needs a lot of space. Farmhouse style bathroom sink usually consists of one large bowl or two medium basins. It also needs extra support, which has to be built into the cabinet. It would require some big assembly to support it. The consequence? It will consume a lot of your bathroom space. Even though the vintage vibe is tempting, it’s didn’t suit the small bathroom.

How about the price? This bathroom sink is pricey. This price usually doubles the cost of a conventional sink—bargains for second-hand outlets or an antique store for a lower price. If you are into the DIY project, Install a sizeable white basin on a vintage table to bring old-modern style in one item. Add a simple wood frame mirror above the sink for a maximum rustic effect. The installation also needs more cash because it is required to get the cabinet ready to facilitate the big basin.

Bath is not just about to wash your body and get clean. A shower is an activity when you can clean your body and relax, maybe with good books in hand, the aromatic candle on your side, or just looking into your beautiful vintage farmhouse style bathroom sink, which gives you some old relaxing feeling. Hmmm, what a sight!

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