33+ Awesome Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas From Wood

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The kitchen is one thing to decorate. A lot of kitchens have space issues which makes it hard for you to decide which style you should go for. Some open shelving kitchen ideas are hot topics. It utilizes the idea that you can show your cute and elegant cutleries to add the kitchen’s aesthetic.

In an open shelving kitchen, instead of a cabinet, it usually uses racks and counters to showcase many things such as teapots, glasses, bowls, and many more. These open shelving kitchen ideas mostly used a doorless cabinet or a cabinet with a glass door. Therefore, the lined-up cutleries and its beauty can be seen well in the kitchen.

The next thing to do in designing an open shelving kitchen is to stack up the necessary stuff you want to show. For a heavy object, it is better not to put it on the upper shelf. The heavy object has the risk of causing damage if it falls down. Start by arranging the stuff from light to heavy. For an object with ample proportion, makes sure the left and the right shelf are balanced. These simple tricks of open shelving kitchen ideas are easy to apply once you get all the stuff you need.

To make the kitchen look neat and not cluttered all over the place, balance the open shelves with a cabinet at the center of the design. A cabinet with a closed door having open shelves lined on each side is more aesthetic. To get the weight balanced, check on the cabinet and the shelves, make sure they are sturdy enough to have stuff lined up above.

By the time you are applying open shelving kitchen ideas, you get a modern kitchen and a new look. Frequent cleaning of the cutleries will need extra care, so you will not drop the item. Do it at least once a week to keep it clean.

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