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The cob house idea is not something new. Even it has been used in certain societies many centuries ago. Even now, some tribes in the world still use it as their traditional houses. Although cob houses indeed reflect traditional and low to middle class families, this house plan idea has so many benefits.

The first benefit is, of course, a cob house requires cheap materials like straw and the likes. Second, the house that has been built tends to be stronger toward shakes. That’s why; it is highly recommended to apply in earthquake-prone areas.

Perhaps the most difficult thing about building up a cob house is about the house plan. Yes, since the raw cob is quite fragile, it is difficult to form it into a square-shaped house just like other houses made from bricks. A cob house is then more common to be presented in rounds, ovals, or even irregular shapes.

So, in case you have an interest to build up a cob house plan in the near future, the plan must follow the most possible shape of the house. You need to estimate well the cob needed to establish one house along with partitions inside. For the rest, it is actually not different from other houses in which you can have a living room, some bedrooms, a kitchen, a dining room, and bathrooms inside. Some cob houses can even provide a large garage to keep the owner’s vehicles.

Another important thing to consider a house plan about building cob house is about workers needed during the establishment. Compared to a house from bricks, it needs more workers mainly if you just want it to be done fast. Of course, those people must also know the characteristics of a cob house. This way, when it has been built well, the house is not only beautiful but also sturdy and strong.

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Janice Silva