30+ Cool Paper Lanterns Ideas You Can Add to Kids Room

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Designing a child’s room is a fun activity. Design inspiration can be found in daily activities and following the interests and desires of the child. Adding the interior is part of the design, one of which is by using a paper lantern.

Paper lantern ideas are decorations not must add a luxurious and beautiful impression to a child’s room but can function as a light source. Use a simple design, tailored to the interests and themes of a child’s room to be synchronized.

If your child is an adventurous type, use air balloon shapes, star galaxies, rocket, globes, or anything that matches the theme of a child’s room and other decorations. In addition to beautifying, it also fosters the imagination of children following their interests.

Paper lanterns ideas are an animal that is a popular form. This form can use for both boys and girls because of its universal nature.

Commonly, girls’ room designs will use butterfly shapes because of their beautiful shapes and colors. For the men’s room, they can design with the theme of the jungle or the world of water by adding paper lanterns in the form of dolphins, jellyfish, turtles or, fish can also with the shape of ships.

Children who have a high level of creativity can invite to design paper lanterns ideas independently. Directing her to paint or decorate on plain paper lanterns suitable the character and imagination they want can increase the sense of pleasure and pride in the design of the room.

To make paintings on plain paper lanterns, you can use watercolors. Decorate paper lanterns can use the shape of objects in everyday life that will affix to the lamps.

The shape or image to be made must adjust to the wishes and imagination of the child. Parents must help and direct it so that the maximum results. Paper lanterns ideas train children in imagination and creativity.

Keep in mind that designing a child’s room must pay attention to children’s interests and desires.

Paper lanterns ideas are one of the many interiors used in designing a room. Good shape, picture, color, and placement will bring added value to a bedroom. Let’s try it!

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Janice Silva