30+ Amazing White Bathrooms Will Make The Bathroom Look Clean and Feel Comfortable

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The bathroom has been the source of comfort for some people. It is where we rest our bodies by taking a shower or just relaxing in a bathtub. A bathroom is more enjoyable to use when it looks aesthetically pleasing. The white bathroom is famous for it’s elegant, bright, and at the same time calming effect.

To design a bathroom with a white theme, the majority of the furniture should be all in white. Start with the basic bathtub design. Choose a bathtub with oval edges as it is safer to grip compared to the square-edged one. In a white bathroom, the white bathtub dominates the room. Place some aromatic candles on the edges for a relaxing bath.

The next furniture is the shower and the tile. While the shower itself does not need to have any particular design, but the tiles are a different matter. A complete white bathroom would have white tiles. However, it can be a little too bright if everything is white. Choose earthy colors such as ivory, grey, or light brown tiles. Tiles with earthy color matched best with tinted glass and a hot shower.

If you have enough room, you can place a vanity mirror and a faucet when you want to brush your teeth or to wash your face. The vanity mirror for a white bathroom is best to be white. A mirror with some carving on the edges is aesthetically pleasing. It helps the bathroom not to look too plain.

A contemporary bathroom often applies a tinted glass door and window. It gives an illusion of a bigger space. Tinted glass can be placed to separate the bathtub and the shower. You can also place one between the shower and the toilet. After setting everything, complete the bathroom with toiletries and make sure to keep it clean every day. Now you can enjoy a relaxing bath and shower in your dream white bathroom.

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