25+ Gorgeous Living Room Color Schemes Idea

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Colour plays an essential role in giving powerful energy into our room. It is not surprising if there are so many living room color schemes and color palettes out there to ease ourselves while decorating. But to apply those color schemes properly, we have to choose our preference and pick the main scheme that is suitable for our preferences in order to get away from a weird ambiance that radiates from the schemes that we use.

Finding a living room color schemes might be confusing to some people because most of us have limited knowledge of how to mix and match a color to make them look harmony. The simplest term to describe color harmony is monochrome, and don’t get it wrong, monochrome isn’t just stood from black, grey, and white only, but it stands from any other color that has similar shades and tones. We will help you understand color harmony. This article will be filled up with living room color schemes to guide you to decorate your living room perfectly!

You don’t have to take a complex color harmony to get an incredible living room color schemes, just take a look at the earth and the sky, we can get a color scheme from them too! Pick white as the sky, and brown with the touch of turquoise as the earth to color up your living room. You will get a clean vibe from white furniture and ceiling, a warm ambiance from the various shade of brown in your wall or floor, and the important thing is you can get a pop color and marvelous effect from turquoise that you put on accessory or curtain in your living room!

Don’t get limited by the plain color, you can also add a throw pillow in your couches that have a cool ornament to add casual look! But remember to choose their tone that is matched with your living room color schemes harmony if you don’t want to mess it up.

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Janice Silva