22+ Awesome Mexican Modernism For New Home Decor Inspiration

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Mexico! Who’s not familiar with Mexico City, its splendor and the uniqueness of each residential community with bright colors. Try to design your home with Mexican modernism decor so that your home is more colorful and elegant.

Mexican home style is famous for the use of vibrant colors. If you like it, you can apply vibrant color paint to the house’s interior or exterior. Not just walls, combine your home furniture with vibrant colors as well. Add and combine longitudinal color patterns with two or three colors to create a fun Mexican feel.

Mexican modernism decor is famous for its tropical plants in the room or the backyard of the house. You can place tropical trees such as small coconut trees and ferns, both native and artificial. Add a few small fountains to add to the effect of splashing water in nature or the beach.

One characteristic inherent in the typical Mexican house is the carpet! Lots of Mexico houses that use carpet mats with a variety of unique motifs. You can apply fur rugs in your living room or family room. Adjust the home’s color and the furniture’s color closest to where the carpet will be used.

Ceramic with ancient patterns and Mexican craft is a characteristic of Mexican modernism decor that cannot be forgotten. Apply ceramics to the stairs, walls, and complementary residential decorations to make it more beautiful. The more ancient the patterns are drawn, the more distinctive your house is with the Mexican style.

If Mexico is famous for the country music genre, Mexico is renowned for it’s antique-style furniture that looks antique. You can make costumes or by hunting for antique furniture in various furniture stores. Adjust the color of the majority of the house to be comfortable to see.

Decorative lights in the living room are also needed to add to the impression of Mexican modernism decor. Also, apply a variety of wall decorations nuanced beach or the city of Mexico.
Mexican modernism decor is a perfect way for those of you who like to combine multiple colors. Try using striking colors for your home. Be creative by adding antique furniture.

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