20+ Simple DIY Shoe Rack Storage Ideas You Can Build on a Budget

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Storage racks are essential items that keep the house in a neat condition. If you are someone who likes to collect shoes, a storage rack is a wok for you.

The DIY shoe rack is a way to add aesthetic value to your home with a limited budget. Many materials or materials that can recycle into a shoe storage rack that accentuates its unique side.
Closet Shoe Organizer and Rack is the right idea choice because it has enough storage space, consisting of six rows of shoes and two large storage spaces for boots. This rack is flexible, can be placed anywhere, including the closet cubicle.

The next DIY shoe rack is a scrap wood shoe cabinet. This multifunctional shoe rack, besides being used for shoe storage, also functions as a seat. Commonly, this model placed at the entrance with a small space.

Industrial-style shoe racks with a simple design using pipe and wood hardware will make a neat and beautiful impression. The size of the shoe rack can adjust to the needs and the existing space.

DIY shoe rack with the concept of hanging a collection on the wall is the right choice if space is limited. Besides, the idea of this shelf will give an aesthetic touch to the wall of an empty house. Use a trim or iron pipe with a suitable paint finish so that your shoe rack looks luxurious and neat.

If you are a furniture design lover with high aesthetic value, a pyramid-shaped shoe rack is suitable, because it is unique and artistic.

This DIY shoe rack idea uses recycled materials such as wooden stairs with wooden pine boards arranged vertically following the wooden stair’s pattern. Besides, you also use other materials such as cardboard paper and used PVC pipes, reducing the budget that you remove.

The size and material used for shoe racks must adjust to the room’s capacity and the number of your shoes. Choose a shoe rack according to your needs and budget.
Hopefully, the DIY shoe rack ideas in this article can inspire. Let’s try it!

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