20+ Beautiful DIY Spring Wreath Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

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What other perfect items to celebrating the spring season than a wreath? The beautiful nature theme wreath surely will freshen your door and a way of welcoming the guest with style. A spring wreath is easy to shop.

There are a lot of online shops selling this in many forms and materials. Want to challenge your creativity? Then a DIY project is perfect for you. You can take inspiration for Spring wreath ideas from the internet.

The first thing to do is deciding the design of your wreath. It can use as a guide to determining the materials you need. Because its a spring wreath, the equipment we need mostly consists of grapevines as a base, leaves, and flowers.

The DIY starter’s fundamental mistake is not planning the layout and just wired it down into the grapevine. Planning the design can save you from the pain of unwiring the attached flowers from the grapevine. Add a ribbon or even your name initials to complete the looks.

Not fans of grapevines? Many Spring wreath ideas commonly used a grapevine to make a circle base, but you can use any circle shape. A circle wood, even a second-hand wheel, can refurbish into a wreath base. Wrap it with neutral ribbon, artificial grass, or artificial moss to give natural feelings. Add a bird’s nest, a branch, or an artificial bird to create a living bird theme.

Use fresh materials is tempting, but using a dried one is better. Using the dried one will save you from rotten stuff. If you are not a fan of dried color, which consists of golden-brown, combine it with artificial materials to create a fresh, colorful wreath.

Many projects use glue to attach the content into the base, but if you live in a hot climate, consider replacing it with zip rope. The strong sunlight will melt the glue and mess the arrangement of the materials.

A DIY project needs creativity and patience. Sometimes the result didn’t come as we want. The practice is the key; if you failed, try again and again. With the spring about to happen, it’s the perfect time to execute the Spring wreath ideas, are you ready to start the project?

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Janice Silva