20+ Awesome Vintage Home Office Designs and Decorating Ideas for Men

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Some people prefer to work at home. We cannot blame them because home is the most comfortable place. For those who already have kids, working from home is a great choice. This way, they can still earn money without having to miss the growth of their kids. But, just because your office is at home, you can carelessly design or decorate it. You should also properly design it so that you can cozily work. One of the interior designs that you can choose is a vintage design. Vintage design is getting popular recently because it brings a warm and comfortable atmosphere. Follow these ideas below to bring the vintage style to your home office.

The first vintage home office design idea is adding dramatic and theatrical impressions by bringing classic and fancy elements. You can paint the walls grey with a little bit of natural tones. The natural tones can function as a background as well as wall decoration. Next, make vintage furniture in your home office as the main feature. You can decorate the room with various collections of vintage furniture. For example, you can choose white exposed bricks for the walls. This will strengthen the vintage style in the room.

In order to accentuate and strengthen the vintage style, install patterned wallpaper or wall covering. This will liven up the vintage home office design. This wall decoration is suitable to be combined with wooden furniture. Add a dim light to create an exotic impression to the wooden furniture. You need to know that color combinations are also important to balance the vintage interior design in your home office. You can combine bright colors such as Tosca with black, and so on. If you want something unique, try to add murals in the room. This way, the room will look more artistic and more beautiful.

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Janice Silva