18+ Smart RV Space Saving Solution

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Holiday, camping, life in a wheel is a way to escape reality containing deadline, a ton of works, bill, and stressful activity. When you are on the journey, make sure to bring everything you need so you don’t waste time stopping and shop for your need. The problem? The RV didn’t design to carry everything you need, so it has minimal space to save your belongings. The solution?An RV Space Saving Ideas.

An RV commonly consist of small multifunctional space. The first thing you need to space-saving is knowing what you need. Make a priority scale list based on that and start considering on what item you need most and what you don’t. You may think the number of your belongings, for example, if you go camping alone, bring one or a couple of cups and plates. It is crucial to decide how many days your trip are, so you can choose how many clothes, utensils and other need you want to bring.

Let’s start the RV Space Saving Ideas from the main area. Hanging storage can solve the problem. There are not many spaces available on the floor, hanging the storage behind the door, besides your bed, or above your wall can save many areas. Storage is not the only item you can hang on. A trash bin usually needs a floor space and can be hung over the door or other vertical surface.

Move to the kitchen. This area is problematic. We can’t throw out kitchen utensils because it will be troublesome. But on the other hand, the kitchen tools need many spaces. Choose a foldable appliance that should solve the problem. The other solution? Replace your usual bowl with the stackable one. Again, hanging your kitchen tools can be a brilliant solution. Install pegboard to hang the pots and pans, or a solid hook to hang the cups and glasses.

Honestly, there is nothing more brilliant than hanging stuff when it comes to RV Space Saving Ideas. In the bathroom, you can attach a shoe holder and use it as a towel rack. Install over the sink shelf above your bathroom sink to place the bath utensils. Use the tricks above, and let begins the journey!

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Janice Silva