18+ Cool Homemade Fairy House Ideas You’ll Love to Have in Your Garde

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No girl is living without fairytales. The dwarf, the fairy godmother, the magic wand is the part of our childhood. Adding a fairytale in our house is like bringing back the youth into adulthood. We can found this in every house decor related shop, but don’t you think it will be more special to make it by ourselves? With the pandemic still around us, it’s a great time to try a fairy house ideas in your home!

The fairy-house can be placed all over your home, as a table-fruit of your living room, a magical statement in your bedroom, or a garden’s additional members. A fairy theme project is a magnet to your children. If you decided to involve them in this project, make sure to use children friendly materials and tools. Let them glue and painting the fairy-house.

The wooden fairy house ideas are commonly used for a DIY starter. First, look around your yard for flat based. You can use a piece of bark from a tree. For the walkways, use stones or gravel. Add flower blankets, a thick moss, or any natural you can find outdoors to add the magic feel. This budget-friendly project is suitable to do with the children. If you are not into DIY, you can search for anything you can change to fairy house in your children’s toyboxes. For example, you can change the mini home for the fairy house, A mini Barbie for a fairy godmother, or a mini car for the carriage. Repaint them with natural color, cover with a moss or grass blanket, and add a sprinkle or a magic wand to maximize the magical vibe.

If you enjoy crafting, you can try a cobblestone fairy house. The cobblestone provides a more reliable and weather resistance Fairyhouse. It’s suitable to place outdoors. First, build a base for your Fairyhouse. You can use a board or even a mineral plastic bottle to get a unique shape. Measure and attach the cement board into the base. It is a crucial part because the cement will use as a base to connect the cobblestones. After attaching the cobblestones, let them dry before place it in your garden.

To maximize the magical vibe in your garden, don’t forget to place a golden lamp around the fairy house. Are you ready to execute the fairy house ideas?

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Janice Silva