15+ Simple & Gorgeous DIY Rustic Bathroom Decor Ideas on a Budget

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The feeling of style in home design is created not only in essential rooms but can apply as the bathroom decoration. When renovating a house, the first thing that arises is the budget. Surely you want bathroom decor ideas on a budget.

Rustic style brings the impression of a comfortable and peaceful atmosphere. Discussing decorating the house or just giving a rustic style to the interior of your home, the thing that crucial is texture. Reclaimed wood, natural stone, galvanized metal are natural materials that give a unique impression.

Concrete sink with sliding barn door is a bathroom decor idea on a budget. Beige wall paint will balance the dark color of this interior. The combination of this furniture concept will provide a warm, comfortable atmosphere but still look luxurious.

Small shelves for storing toiletries and towels can make using recycled pallets or wooden crates. This furniture will create a unique atmosphere.

The next bathroom decor idea on a budget is a floating board rack with industrial hardware. This hardware can make from recycled iron pipes, formed as a wooden support rack and towel. This rack can be made in any size according to needs and placed near the sink or toilet.

The combination of natural stone and wood as a bathroom concept will create a thick rural atmosphere. Weathered recycled wood boards are used in one-third of bathroom walls while stones arrange as walls for a shower and ceramic floors. The addition of iron pipes can harmonize this concept.

Using a wooden pallet instead of an expensive mirror frame is a bathroom decor idea on a budget. Weathered wood rearranged into a structure with a small box will add a traditional impression to the bathroom. This little box use for perfume and other items that you often use before leaving the bathroom.

Recycling the glass jar as a lamp or rack container will create a rural atmosphere. The use of this jar combines with wood furniture and iron water pipes as the location of the jar.
Rustic style brings a unique, comfortable, and warm impression. This style is a bathroom decor ideas on a budget because it uses natural materials that can be recycled. So why not try to give your bathroom a rustic touch?

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Janice Silva