13+ Simple and Creative DIY Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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The corona pandemic virus caused many places to apply a lockdown system and required everyone to be at home and minimize outdoor activities. Of course, this is to reduce and break the chain of coronavirus spread. To stay at home and not be bored at home, the arrangement and decoration of the house is the key. Not only indoors, but outside the room like the backyard become favorite places to play and get rid of fatigue during at home. Of course, for the pages to be comfortable, one of the factors to consider is lighting. You can use rustic outdoor lighting ideas to enhance your backyard.

To make rustic outdoor lighting can be done by utilizing some used items in the house, for example, using old glass bottles. You can make a beautiful lamp by cutting the bottom of a clear glass bottle and painting it with a variety of beautiful colors. Then you will get a brilliant light with a variety of colors. You can also make DIY rustic outdoor lighting using used bottles filled with wicks and kerosene, so they can save on raw materials, save electricity, and match the rustic theme you want. Also, you can find more DIY outdoor lighting ideas here.

Lighting is essential in terms of decoration, especially outdoor lighting. Good lighting will undoubtedly give a specific effect or impression on a place. You can make bright lighting so that it seems lively or make a dim light that can provide a romantic feeling. By merely utilizing used items in your home to juggle your backyard, patio, or garden becomes more colorful. Coupled with several outdoor interiors as tables and chairs, you can also add a comfortable swing.

Of course, after having great lighting, you can spend a pleasant afternoon with your family enjoying a cup of tea and snacks. Supervise children playing in the yard calmly and chatting. Creating more beautiful moments when a pandemic is not impossible is done at home.

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