10+ Incredible Modern Interior of Famous Restaurant with Interesting Space Organize

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Nowadays, a restaurant has been spreading its focus into the interior design aspect to attract their customers (keep in mind that they are also improving their food and beverage taste).

Moreover, in this digital era, people going out to the restaurant not only eat for the sake of their hunger but also experience the restaurant itself, sometimes they also post them in social media if they feel that the restaurant has a beautiful and incredible interior. Usually, the designer has a strong point while designing the interior so that the audience/visitor could understand it without listening to their explanation in the flesh.

The success of a restaurant, except its food provided, lies on its main purpose that is usually implemented in its interior design. We have listed several famous restaurants with exciting space organize that have been established and of course ‘famous’ because of their incredible modern interior.

La Peg, designed by Stokes Architecture/Groundswell Design Group that is located in Philadelphia, PA. This restaurant is formerly a high-pressure pump house with a type of indoor-outdoor brasserie. It now becomes a permanent home for local artists. La Peg also retained its historical vibe by placing a broad picture of the past design behind their bars.

Moreover, they are also reusing their existing pumps and tank to remember their glory years.
Next, we have Spoon and Stable that is located in Minneapolis, MN, designed by Shea. This restaurant using Scandinavian modern furniture upholstered in fabric to absorb ambient sound. Shea set up the restaurant with an open kitchen, and make the room look so clean and glowing.

Fulton Market Kitchen, located in Chicago, IL, designed by Daniel Alonso/Alex Morales, also has an incredible interior design. The first time you entered this restaurant, you might feel like entering an art gallery because Fulton Market Kitchen interior is inspired by Wynwood Wals (Miami’s famed graffiti installation). The Fulton’s great experience is they always offer something new to see because they always collaborate with the local artist by making a live art creation.

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Janice Silva